You stumble across the wasteland,not knowing where to go.

You trip on some rubble,and hear footsteps behind you.

Tilting you head in the direction of the noise,you see a bearded man with a brown coat on.

You hope he isn't some sort of bandit.

He starts to speak,"You must be new to this part of the wastes.

You follow the man,and soon find yourself in a post-apocalyptic town,where the people appear to be friendly.

"Welcome to the wasteland." you hear. Turning back,you discover that the man is gone.

The Wasteland Roleplaying Wiki is a place where you roleplay charaters in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Now,you may be thinking that it's a copy of Fallout or Wasteland,but it's not. It has its own places,its own history,it's own people. So,go forth into the wasteland,for standing here will not help you. 

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