"Welcome to the city of New Waste. Enjoy your stay."
―A New Waste guard


New Waste

The City of New Waste began in 2045 in the areas of New York that weren't either completely destroyed or highly infected with the Mortem Virus. It attracted citizens with it's strong,mostly intact buildings,and its water purifier. It soon grew in size and became one of the most populated settlements on post-apocalyptic Earth. The citizens created a government,and voted for a president,and a council of citizens. The first president,Harry Kerrik,helped the newly formed New Waste by expanding trade,and creating a military and police force. Harry Kerrik set the example for future presidents by stepping down after his second term,even though he was elected for a third. Citizens of New Waste can have a normal life,unlike citizens of most settlements on post-apocalyptic Earth. They can get a job,buy a house,and even start a business if they want too. Bandits tend to avoid New Waste because of its quick response time to crime.





Rules for GovernmentEdit

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