This wiki takes place on post-apocalyptic Earth,in the 22nd century,many years after the "end" of the world.

The "End"Edit

"I guess you could say that the end wasn't as glamorous as the media had predicted. No zombies,just an outbreak,and a fall."
―Jack the Scribe (2027) on The "End"

The "End" was an event that happened in 2018. A group of scientists in the rain forests of South America discovered a strange disease present in some of the plants. They took some samples and headed back to their lab. After a week of experimenting with this disease, now known as the Mortem Virus, they became sick. The first symptoms were that of a common cold,runny/stuffy noses, cough, and sore throat, but after 2 days of infection,the severity increased to delirium, coughing of blood, loss of motor skills, extreme flaking of the skin, and some hair loss. After 5 days the scientists were dead, but the damage was already done. The disease had spread far, and would spread even further in the coming days. The news all over the world informed the people of the "Extremely Deadly Disease that's bound to end the world!" Civilization began to fall apart, with Bandit Groups forming, riots starting, and the death of many citizens. Many governments decided that in order to destroy the virus, and survive, they would need to risk some lives by dropping some atomic bombs. After the bombs were dropped, all governments were destroyed. Eventually,the chaos began to settle down, as most people,and non-mutated animals were dead. Some survivors began to adventure into this newly created, inhospitable wasteland, where evil and crime flourished, death was common, and average lives were nearly impossible.

The Creation of New WasteEdit

"New Waste,a shining light in the darkness of the wasteland. Heck it might even be the wasteland's capitol. One day,New Waste might even restore peace in the wasteland."
―A New Wasteland citizen on her town

After The End, some people flocked to the parts of New York that remained intact, and uninfected. These people began to trade with one another,and forge a strong community. Soon,they decided to actually create a town. They elected their first citizen council,and their first president,Harry Kerrick. On March 25,2045 they became an OFFICIAL town,and named themselves "New Waste".




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